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What's In Your Music DNA?

Your Music DNA is anything and everything you love about music.
We use AI to identify what characteristics makes up your taste in music, and we use this to connect you with music lovers that share your passions.

Echo Playlists
Listen live
Listen together

Let your music reverberate across the world with our Echo Playlists.
We connect you to live, cooperatively managed playlists that are full of people that match your Music DNA, and current moods or activities.
Connect your experience real-time.
Chat, vote and collaboratively control the playlist and discover new music through new connections.

Vibe With Your Tribe

Want to keep up to date with your favorite artists, learn an instrument, discuss lyrics or simply discover new content?
Whatever your niche is, cultivate communities around your interests and share your passions with like-minded music lovers.

About us

Here at Musircle, we know there is so much more to music than just streaming it.
True music lovers experience, connect and explore it.
That's why we are dedicated to giving you a holistic musical experience from
one platform.
We facilitate the discovery of the kind of music you love through fellow music lovers, rather than computer algorithms, enabling you to connect with people who share your passion for music.

No matter what your niche is, find your vibe 😉