Democratizing Music

For Artists, Musircle is a level playing field for social music discovery
We take popularity biased technology out of the equation and give you the ability to grow your fan base

Music DNA

We're using Artificial Intelligence to analyze your music style, and connect you with new fans that are guaranteed to love your sound.

Echo Playlists
Listen live
Listen together

Let your music reverberate across the world with our Echo Playlists.
When a song plays in an Echo Playlist, every listener individually streams it at the same time,
multiplying your exposure and your streaming income from Spotify.

Host official Echo Playlists where you can interact with your fans through live chat. Or encourage your fans to spread your music far and wide across the platform themselves.

Vibe With Your Tribe

Use our Communities feature to communicate with your fans. Post updates, pictures or videos and cultivate your following.

Accelerate Your Growth

Artists can manage Official Echo Playlist and Community channels, enabling you to interact and grow your fan base from one platform.

Our Music DNA technology allows you to identify and connect with fans that will love your sound, and our Echo Playlists provide an opportunity for your music to be heard by more fans than any other streaming service.

We are dedicated to making music accessible for everyone, whether you are a listener or a creator 🚀